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Storytelling is not just for kids

In 2024, national elections will affect almost half of the world’s population. How does storytelling influence the outcomes? Global marketer Giuseppe Caltabiano explains the process – a mixture of psychology, science, artistry, and alchemy. His background as a marketer, teacher, and thought leader illuminates this lesson. His bio […]

Beyond Madonnas: Post-War Italian Art Surprises in Washington DC Exhibition

While many people equate Italian art with Renaissance and Baroque masters, an intimate exhibition at IA&A at Hillyer in Washington DC introduces audiences to the cutting-edge work being done by Italian artists after World War II. Contemporary Echoes: Rediscovering Italian Art from 1950-1980, Artworks from the BFF Collection […]

Mario Draghi is honored by the Atlantic Council in Washington DC

Washington DC – Wednesday, 11 May 2022_

Prime Minister Mario Draghi receives the Distinguished International Leadership Award from the prestigious Atlantic Council
on May 11, 2022. US-Italy Global Affairs Forum correspondent Claudia Flisi was on site to report and offer reflections on the gala evening.