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The US-Italy Global Affairs Forum in Washington, DC is a place where Italians and Americans, and anyone else with an interest in the US-European relationship, can meet to learn and exchange ideas about the international scene.

The US-Italy Global Affairs Forum in Washington was established to promote a non-partisan dialogue regarding the major foreign policy, international relations, economic, and international security challenges facing the United States and its European allies and partners, with a particular focus on events impacting the relationship between the United States and Italy.

For many years, thousands, of Italian academics have been working around the world as experts in many sectors.

Today, once again, a new generation of Italian experts in policy is growing rapidly. In London, Bruxelles, Pavia, Genève, Milan and Rome hundreds of scholars are working very successfully in think tanks, NGOs and internationals agencies.

Six years ago a group of US and Italian senior fellows founded the US-Italy Global Affairs Forum. Since then, more than 50 events have been held in Washington D.C. on Transatlantic and Mediterranean issues.

Over 800 participants have attended USITF’s activities so far. A bipartisan, inclusive policy has allowed us to discuss, in public or behind closed doors, invitation-only events on topics of greats interest. Our Forum organizes and co-organizes lectures, seminars and encounters focusing on key issue and challengers in the world today, primarily affecting the Unites States and Europe.

Since 2013, a new generation of American, European and Mediterranean scholars has found in USITF a place where free and unbiased discussions (and dissent) are daily topics. USITF seeks to examine a few issues of importance in understanding what is going on in the world through academic discussion and informal conversation.

Regarding Twitter’s daily engagements, the USITF’S account reaches peaks of about 6,000 re-tweets. Everyday, a team of passionate volunteers covers a wide range of Transatlantic and Mediterranean topics, such as culture, art, foreign policy, security, etc. We also give a special attention to the foreign policy of the Vatican that has become a topic of increasing interest in the USA, particularly in Washington D.C. Furthermore, we regularly host presentations of Limes magazine in Washington D.C., with speakers such as Carlo Caracciolo, Dario Fabbri and Fabrizio Marinta.

Lastly, it is worth mentioning one of our latest and most successful initiatives. In 2016, we founded the Us Switzerland Forum, linking the American communuty of Swiss Expats with their homeland.

Us-Italy Forum is also a international newspaper. Visit our Newsroom here

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