People to people diplomacy and culture – an alternative to an all-security Tunisia?

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Johns Hopkins University School of Advanced International Studies, Room N507, Washington DC – January 17 th, 2017

Six years after the Jasmine Spring, Tunisians continue to fight on multiple fronts. What is the importance of Education and Culture? Can current cultural revival efforts be sustained with dwindling resources? How can the US, the EU and others help? Our esteemed panelists shed light on possible answers.​​

On January 17th 2017, six years after the rise of the Arab Spring, the US-Italy Global Affairs Forum in collaboration with The Tunisian American Young Professional (TAYP) organized an interesting debate to discuss the importance of education and culture in building Tunisia future. The event took place at the prestigious Johns Hopkins University (SAIS): two-hour debate via conference with Tunis to analyze along with some of the major Italian, Tunisian and US experts a real and tangible possibility to help the young north-african democracy to develop its cultural dimension supported by Europe and the United States. A relationship that, as noted by the ‘Executive Director of USITF, Daniele Moro, is becoming stronger thanks to Mediterranean cooperation between Italy and Tunisia.

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