#ItalyStayStrong: fundraising Embassy in the USA and Issnaf

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The Italian Embassy in Washington DC and ISSNAF have partnered to provide relief to Italy, as the country fights the coronavirus outbreak. Join us!

The funds will be devolved to three Italian medical and research institutes that have been at the forefront of the outbreak and continue to relentlessly fight the pandemic:

– the Lazzaro Spallanzani National Institute for Infectious Diseases in Rome,
– the Luigi Sacco Hospital in Milan, 
– the Cotugno Hospital in Naples.

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Italy and the United States are facing an unprecedented challenge. Italy was one of the first countries hit by the coronavirus outbreak and has been severely affected. Italians have responded with courage, from doctors and nurses on the front line to law enforcement officers, from the many volunteers to businesses, to all the citizens who every day make great sacrifices.

Throughout the emergency, the United States—the Administration, the private sector, non profit organizations and our American friends—have shown solidarityunity and provided support to Italy and the Italian people.

Yet, more needs to be done. We hope to be able to count on your generous support.

“We are grateful to the United States and to all American citizens who in these dramatic hours have decided to show their solidarity towards Italy. A gesture of friendship that will remain impressed in our memory, a testament  to the strength of the bond that unites our democracies” said Ambassador Varricchio. “We are pleased to partner with ISSNAF, which works daily to support the Italian research community in the US and to create synergies with their American counterparts.”

“As members of the Italian community, our thoughts of encouragement and solidarity are with everyone who is struggling  with the outbreak of covid-19 in Italy, as well as in the US. Now more than ever our network can play a critical role in broadcasting this call and supporting it generously.” says Cinzia Zuffada, ISSNAF President.

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