Exclusive-Interview with Oliviero Bergamini, Rai correspondent from New York.

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An Exclusive interview with US RAI Correspondent Oliviero Bergamini on Coronavirus impact in the US and the effects on America’s foreign relations with Italy and with other countries

By Pierardo Davini

Oliviero Bergamini (Bergamo, March 2, 1962) is a italian journalist and writer. He is a foreign correspondent for Italian public broadcaster Rai. Since October 2017 he has been a Rai correspondent from New York.

He has worked in war areas and has covered events in many crisis areas such as Iraq, Afghanistan, Birmania, Lebanon, Yemen, Chechnya, Haiti etc. He often also worked in the U.S. where he covered the presidential elections in 2008. He was a finalist for the Ilaria Alpi journalism award and won the Sodalitas award. He teaches journalism history at the University of Bergamo and has held lessons and conferences in journalism history and US history also at the universities of Genoa, Verona, Turin (as part of the master program in American studies). Skilled in Broadcasting, Storytelling, News Writing, Documentaries, and Breaking News.

He is author of different US and journalism history books.

Chi è Hillary Clinton: un enigma americano, ed. Ombre Corte, 2016

La democrazia della stampa: storia del giornalismo, 2ª ed. aggiornata, Laterza, Bari-Roma 2013

Da Wall Street a Big Sur; un viaggio in America, Laterza, Bari-Roma 2012

Storia degli Stati Uniti, Laterza 2002 e 2010

Specchi di guerra; giornalismo e conflitti armati da Napoleone a oggi, Laterza 2008, 2014

Democrazia in America? Il sistema politico e sociale degli Stati Uniti, Ombre Corte 2004

Breve storia del federalismo americano, Marcos y Marcos 1996

Un esercito per la nazione: Elihu Root e la nascita del moderno sistema militare degli Stati Uniti, 1995

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