In Rome we trust: the rise of catholicism in american political life

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Johns Hopkins SAIS – BOB Building Room 736, Washington DC – December 8 th, 2017

 “This book examines the unusually serene relationship between the chief global superpower and the world’s most ancient and renowned institution.

The “Catholicization” of the United States is a recent phenomenon: some believe it began during the Reagan administration; others feel it emerged under George W. Bush’s presidency. What is certain is that the Catholic presence in the American political ruling class was particularly prominent in the Obama administration: over one-third of cabinet members, the Vice President, the White House Chief of Staff, the heads of Homeland Security and the CIA, the Director and deputy Director of the FBI, the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff and other top military officers were all Roman Catholic. Challenging perceived wisdom that the American Catholic Church is in crisis and that the political religion in the United States is Evangelicalism,

Manlio Graziano provides an engaging account of the tendency of Catholics to play an increasingly significant role in American politics, as well as the rising role of American prelates in the Roman Catholic Church.”

Manlio Graziano, Author and Professor of Geopolitics of Religion at Sorbonne-Paris Paris France (By Satellite)
Donald Jensen, USITF Director and Senior Fellow at Center for Transatlantic

John Gizzi, NewsMax White House Correspondent
John Farina, Associate Professor of Religious Studies at George Mason University

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