From Obama to Trump: what is going to change?

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The Italian press meets in Washington DC – La Tomate,  Washington, DC – United States- January 20st, 2017

In occasion of the US Presidential Inauguration on January 20th 2017 and the Women’s march on January 21st 2017, journalists and political experts met in Washington DC to discuss the future of transatlantic relations and in particular, how Trump’s election will affect the US-European and US-Russian relations.

US-Italy Global Affairs Forum – Executive Director Daniele Moro – organized an informal dinner to gather together Italian esteemed journalists as

Renzo Cianfanelli,  International Corrispondent Corriere della Sera,

Antonella Ciancio – National Press Club freelance committee chair,

Emiliano Bos – US correspondent Swiss Public Radio / RSI-Radiotelevisione Svizzera but also passionate professors like 

Vladimir Tismaneanu, Professor of international politics at the University of Maryland

Daiana Lucia Voiculescu, Associate professor – New York University School of Medicine

Giovanni Faleg – Consultant at the World Bank and NASA professionals A wonderful group of people who shared different opinions, experiences and perspectives about the new american administration

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