Video Interview with CARLO COTTARELLI

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By Claudia Flisi, Journalist Us-Italy Global Affairs Forum,

about the new book ‘CARLO COTTARELLI. ALL’INFERNO E RITORNO. Per la nostra rinascita sociale ed economica‘, Feltrinelli publisher.

Carlo Cottarelli is a Director of the Observatory on the Italian Public Accouts at the ‘Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore’

● 2018: Visiting professor, Bocconi University
● 2014-17: Executive director of the International Monetary Fund (IMF) Board representing Italy, Albania, Greece, Malta, Portugal and San Marino
● 2013-14: Commissioner for Italy’s Public Spending Reform 
● 2008-13: Director of the IMF fiscal affairs department 
● 1998-2008: Various roles at the IMF
● 1987-88: Head of the economic research department, ENI
● 1979-87: Economist, Bank of Italy  
● BSc in economics and banking from the University of Siena and MSc in economics from the London School of Economics

He has been panelist of Us-Italy Global affairs Forum in several events in Washington DC.

During two of them he presented the books: ‘Il macigno’ (Johns Hopkins University, 2016) and ‘La Lista della Spesa’ (The National Italian American Foundation, 2015)

Read below the post about the past Forum’s EVENTS and watch the VIDEO

INTERVIEW_Exclusive-Interview with Carlo Cottarelli about Covid-19_By Pierardo Davini WATCH THE VIDEO INTERVIEW

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EVENT_IL MACIGNO: PERCHÉ IL DEBITO PUBBLICO CI SCHIACCIA E COME SI FA A LIBERARSENEEvent with Carlo Cottarelli – Executive Director, International Monetary Fund (IMF) _ 2016, Johns Hopkins University, SAIS, Washington DC  READ MORE…  WATCH VIDEO EVENT

EVENT_ LISTA DELLA SPESA La verità sulla spesa pubblica italiana e come si può tagliare _ 2015, The National Italian American Foundation (NIAF), Washington DC  READ MORE and WATCH  VIDEO EVENT (1)  VIDEO EVENT (2)

INTERVIEW _ IL DEBITO PUBBLICO ITALIANO _ A Conversation about Italian Public Debt. Carlo Cottarelli_IMF Executive Director Interview by Antonella Ciancio October 26 th, 2016, Johns Hopkins University, SAIS, Washington DC   WATCH THE INTERVIEW

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