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Mr. Ishai Richetti studied literature and languages (English and French) in Milan. He has several years working experience in international environment due to his work in multinational companies. He is currently invloved in a project with CNR (Consiglio Nazionale delle Ricerche) and MIUR ( Ministry of Education, Universities and Research) for a translation of an ancient text with the help of computational computer sysrtem developped by CNR. He is passionate about politics and tech.

An Exclusive Interview with Professor David C. Unger, Adjunct Professor at JHU SAIS Europe.

An Exclusive Interview with David C. Unger, Adjunct Professor at JHU SAIS Europe by Ishai Richetti, Us-Italy Global Forum. For months universities have been working online with positive and negative results. Also Transatlantic relations have been affected by the coronavirus: Hear what a Senior American Academic living in […]

An Exclusive Interview with H.E. Ambassador Francesco M. Talò

In a new and exclusive interview our, this time with H.E. Ambassador Francesco M. Talò, Italian Ambassador to Nato, our Correspondent Ishai Richetti asked about Italy and the USA, Syria and, of course, Libya. The last issue, in time of coronavirus and fake news, is about disinformation More […]

An exclusive interview with Limes Director, Lucio Caracciolo

An Exclusive interview with Italian monthly magazine Director, Limes, Lucio Caracciolo on the outcome of Coronavirus pandemic on Transatlantic, Mediterranean and European relationship with a focus on Italy. By Ishai Richetti, Chief Editor Us-Italy Global Affairs Foum To read the latest issue ‘Il vincolo interno’ directly on the […]

Exclusive-Interview with Lucio Caracciolo on coronavirus

[Exclusive] Limes Club Washington D.C. and Limes Club Cisalpino have asked Editor in Chief of Limes, rivista italiana di geopolitica Lucio Caracciolo in Rome to assess the situation of Transatlantic relations now. By Ishai Richetti, US-Italy Global Affairs Forum Corrispondent. WATCH THE VIDEO Lucio Caracciolo is Member of Advisory Board of the US-Italy […]