After Pope Francis’ visit to the United States – A panel discussion

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Johns Hopkins University, School of Advanced International Studies SAIS, Washington DCSeptember 30 th, 2015 

Donald N. Jensen, Senior Fellow, Center for Transatlantic Relations
Renzo Cianfanelli , New York Correspondent, US-Italy Global Affairs Forum
Sabrina Fritz, SWR/ARD German television and radio
John Gizzi, White House Correspondent Newsmax
Pablo Pardo, U.S. Correspondent, El Mundo
James Politi, Rome Bureau Chief, Financial Times

The US-Italy Global Affairs Forum welcomed a number of renowned contributors to the event ‘After Pope Francis’ Visit to the United States – A Panel Discussion’ on September 30, 2015: Donald Jensen (moderator), Sabrina Fritz, John Gizzi and via video conference from Rome James Politi and from New York Renzo Cianfanelli.

The panelists discussed a range of issues: the character of Pope Francis’ agenda and possible misperceptions of his message, the Pope’s balancing act trying to stay out of the culture wars in the United States, the potential consequences of the Pope’s meeting with Kim Davis, Pope Francis’ focus on climate change and possible implications for the Vatican’s financial institutions, and the economic message of the pontiff. John Gizzi concluded that Francis is in effect a Rorschach test, a Pope who is seen by anyone depending on the persons’ own ideological background.


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