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The completely SOLD OUT “Amatriciana with Love, a future for Central Italy” fundraising dinner held December 14 was again a great success. Many influential European and American friends gathered to savor a superb Amatriciana pasta (8 kilos of it, in fact), and tons of other typical Italian specialties prepared by the organizers and the participants from the US-Italy Global Affairs Forum, The Italian Cultural Society, SAIS Johns Hopkins University, COMITES, distinguished journalists and students.
Thank you to everyone for making this event an unforgettable evening!
The purpose was to collect money for the Italian Red Cross for the recent earthquake in Amatrice. The organizers (Nina Gardner Olivieri, HOST of this event, Daniele Moro, Francesca Casazza, Maura Guida Maffia, Chiara Gastaldi), the attendees, and a few generous donors who were unable to join the fun, contributed $7,020!

The entire amount collected is $12,370 ( the first charity dinner on September 28th [see the attachment] and the second charity dinner on December 14th).
Washington DC has shown to be one of the most supportive cities in the United States!
A special thanks goes also to the organizers, sponsors and Birra Nursia - Elisabetta Povoledo from The New York Times.
We will follow-up soon with the CRI wire transfer receipt and a surprise from the Italian Red Cross.

Thank you for your support.

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The food will be donated by the organizers and sponsors who will fully contribute to the fundraising event.
Dowload September charity dinner receipt and see how much we raised!
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