Our story and our mission

The US-Italy Global Affairs Forum in Washington, DC is a place where Italians and Americans, and anyone else with an interest in the US-European relationship, can meet to learn and exchange ideas about the international scene. For all the talk of US foreign policy “pivoting” toward Asia, the United States and Europe remain closely linked, economically and politically. Governments and the private sector have many channels in which to coordinate and resolve the modest challenges that inevitably arise. On the other hand, venues for dialogue between the US and European publics seem to be in short supply.
​The US-Italy Global Affairs Forum in Washington was established to promote a non-partisan dialogue regarding the major foreign policy, international relations, economic, and international security challenges facing the United States and its European allies and partners, with a particular focus on events impacting the relationship between the United States and Italy. The Forum’s events will not be intended for advocacy of specific policies or political candidacies, but rather present a wide range of perspectives on issues, in order to promote free and wide-ranging dialogue.
Created in collaboration with Italians in DC and with Italy’s leading international affairs journal  Limes  (Latin for “border”), the US-Italy Global Affairs Forum collaborates with other organizations and institutions in the think tank world.