Ishai Richetti
Coordinator, Milan - Italy

Mr. Ishai Richetti studied literature and languages (English and French) in Milan. He has several years working experience in international environment due to his work in multinational companies. He is currently invloved in a project with CNR (Consiglio Nazionale delle Ricerche) and MIUR ( Ministry of Education, Universities and Research) for a translation of an ancient text with the help of computational computer sysrtem developped by CNR. He is passionate about  politics and tech. 

Pierardo Davini
Correspondent, Rome - Italy
Mr. Pierardo Davini has been a journalist and a tv reporter of Rai Tg3 news, on channel 3 of public italian broadcasting company. He works as a senior editor for the foreign affairs and social media desks. In the last years he has reported from United States, Middle East and the war zones. 
Antonella Ciancio
Corrispondent, Washington Dc - Usa

Mrs. Antonella Ciancio is a former Reuters correspondent in Italy and currently works as a multimedia independent journalist in Washington DC, covering society, politics, economics, finance and EU-US relations for several American and Italian news organizations, including La Stampa and Il Sole 24 Ore US. She was the first Italian elected to the Board of Governors of the National Press Club, the world's leading professional organization for journalists. She tweets as @ciancioreporter  
Alessandra Pozzi
Cultural  journalist, Milan - Italy

Mrs. Alessandra Pozzi  is a journalist,  press officer and Professor of Art Communication, department of Cultural Heritage, State University of Milan, Faculty of Arts and Philosophy.
Her interests are art, design, architecture, museums, books, tourism and even non-profit. Deals with this issues in Italy, Europe, Usa and Canada, but also in the Middle East, the Gulf Area, and China.
Nathan Greppi
Journalist,  San Donato Milanese - Italy

Mr. Nathan Greppi is a journalist, currently studying cultural heritage at the State University of Milan. He is a contributor for the official magazine of the Jewish Community in Milan, besides writing about pop culture for a few online magazines. He writes mostly about Jewish and Israeli issues, politics, cinema, literature and comics. Currently he is helping the US-Italy Global Affairs Forum managing the Books section of the weekly newsletter “Agenda America”.
Alberto Corcos
Tel Aviv - Israel

Mr. Alberto Corcos is Organizational Psychologist with an expertise in Change Management, Marketing. He worked in the Human Resources area of national and multinational companies, up to HR Director job. Consultant since 1986, he developed projects in Marketing, Sales and Change Management areas. He worked for several start-up Financial Services Companies, managed projects for small and medium businesses of different industries.  He published a few HR manuals. Since 2014 Alberto leaves in Israel where is freelancing for Us-Italy Global Affairs Forum.