USITF Event: The Italian Elections

Eric Terzuolo

Monday, March 18, 2013

The basic message was pretty dire.  The results of the recent Italian elections portend major problems in forming a government that will be able to address the pressing economic challenges that Italy is facing.  And prospects of reform in the political system are, at least for the moment, pretty dim.  On the positive side, though, US-Italy cooperation will remain strong and solid.

Our friends and sponsors at Italians in DC produced an excellent summary of the panelists’ remarks, which you can access here .

A video recording of the entire event is available here .

Thanks to our excellent panelists — Carol Mershon, Domenico Lombardi, Renzo Cianfanelli, and Colombia Barrosse (subbing on very short notice for Kathleen Doherty, who was called to accompany the Vice President to the Papal inaugural mass in Rome) — to  the very large and lively audience who asked excellent questions, and our friends and partners in the European Studies Program at the Johns Hopkins University School of Advanced International Studies.