USITF Event: A New Agenda After the European Elections?


Thursday, June 25, 2015

One month after the European elections and two days before a strategic gathering of the EU-28 Heads of State and Government in Brussels, what has changed in Europe? Has the pro-European mainstream prevailed with a German-type grand coalition agenda, or have the fringe parties managed to impose a new narrative?

You are invited to a lively “hard talk” discussion with a panel of European journalists, introduced by comments of just elected Members of the European Parliament.

Philip Crowther  - Washington, DC Correspondent, France 24

Prof. Matthias Matthijs  - Assistant Professor of International Political Economy, Johns Hopkins – SAIS

Amb. (ret.) Francesco Olivieri  > Head of Washington Office, ENEL North America

Moderator:  Daniele Moro  - Visiting Scholar, Johns Hopkins SAIS

Watch the video of the event here .