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​The US-Italy Global Affairs Forum in Washington, DC was established to promote a non-partisan dialogue regarding the major foreign policy, international relations, economic, and international security challenges facing the United States and its European allies and partners, with a particular focus on events impacting the relationship between the United States and Italy. The Forum’s events will not be intended for advocacy of specific policies or political candidacies, but rather present a wide range of perspectives on issues, in order to promote free and wide-ranging dialogue.
Read more on our 'About the Forum' page.

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News & Events

Join us on June 14th from 12pm to 2pm at SAIS Johns Hopkins, Rome Auditorium.

Enrico Letta will present his new book "Contro Venti e Maree: Idee sull'Europa e sull'Italia" in conversation with: Carlo Cottarelli IMF ED, Philip Crowther, France 24, Renzo Cianfanelli, Corriere della Sera. The event will be moderated by Antonella Ciancio, La Stampa in English.

RSVP:  http://bit.ly/2sjrWCc

The Slow Food Global Experience
High-quality products for cultural preservation and local development

February 8th 2017, 12 - 2 PM, Johns Hopkins University

  1. Richard McCarthy - Executive Director of Slow Food USA
    Richard McCarthy - Executive Director of Slow Food USA
  2. Richard McCarthy - Executive Director of Slow Food USA
    Richard McCarthy - Executive Director of Slow Food USA
  3. Mike Koch - Firefly Farms and FreshFarm Markets
    Mike Koch - Firefly Farms and FreshFarm Markets
  4. Johns Hopkins University
    Johns Hopkins University
  5. Slow Food: Presidia
    Slow Food: Presidia
  6. Slow Food - Tunisia
    Slow Food - Tunisia
  7. Firefly Farms
    Firefly Farms
  8. Our four panelists: Daniele Moro, Richard McCarthy, Leila Chennoufi and Mike Koch
    Our four panelists: Daniele Moro, Richard McCarthy, Leila Chennoufi and Mike Koch
  9. Opening remarks: Francesca Casazza, The Italian Cultural Society
    Opening remarks: Francesca Casazza, The Italian Cultural Society
March 3-5, 2017 |  Palazzo Ducale, Genova
IV Edition: “Who rules the world - Chi comanda il mondo” The festival hosted three days of meetings with journalists and political experts. In this occasion Laura Canali will present the Maps exhibition "Dissolvenze".

Click on the image to display more pictures of the event.
If you missed the conference, watch the live stream  on our FB page: http://bit.ly/2l4q4tS

​​​​Calendar of Events 

One year after the Panama Papers: Progress on anonymous corporate ownership?

Washington DC March 30, 2017, 2:00- 4:00 p.m. EST
The Brookings Institution, Falk Auditorium, 1775 Massachusetts Avenue, N.W
Washington, DC  20036
RSVP: link

Brexit: cosa cambierà?
Milan, April 3, 6pm
ISPI - Palazzo Clerici, Via Clerici 5
RSVP: link

The Western Balkans in the European Union:
enlargement to what, accession to what?

Rome, 5 April 2017 - 9.00 – 16.30
International Conference Hall
Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation (P.le della Farnesina, 1)
RSVP: link

The US-Italy Global Affairs Forum, The Italian Cultural Society of Washington DC, SAIS-Italian Society and TAYP - Tunisian American Young Professionals hosted the conference "The Slow Food Global Experience: High-quality products for cultural preservation and local development" .

​The Executive Director of Slow Food USA, Richard McCarthy together with Slow Food representatives and World Bank experts talked about the future of food sustainability, biodiversity and local development. Through the comparison of the Italian, American, Swiss and Tunisian experience, they discussed how cooperation could be essential in terms of agricultural development and community preservation. Participants also had the opportunity to learn more about Slow Food's main initiatives: The Ark of Taste, Terra Madre and Presidia. It has been an inspiring and memorable event! Thanks to our wonderful guests: Richard McCarthy - Slow Food USA, Leila Chennoufi - Worldbank, Mike Koch - FireFly Farms and FRESHFARM Markets, Daniele Moro - The US-Italy Global Affairs Forum and Francesca Casazza -The Italian cultural society for sharing their knowledge and experience. Many thanks to Nazarena Lanza for her valuable input on Slow Food in Tunisia and to Slow Food Tebourba for sharing the good food! A special thanks goes to the audience who contributed to make the conference an engaging and passionate discussion.

This video includes an  exclusive interview with Richard McCarthy, Executive Director of Slow Food USA and member of Slow Food International by Antonella Ciancio, Video Editor in Chief of the Forum.

Richard McCarthy, Executive Director of Slow Food USA

World War I Exhibit in Washington DC, November 2017

National Memorial Day of the Exiles and Foibe
Day of remembrance - February 10th
National Memorial Day of the Exiles and Foibe, or Giorno del ricordo in Italian language, is an Italian celebration for the memory of the victims of the Foibe and the Istrian-Dalmatian exodus. With Italian Law 92 of 30 March 2004 has been instituted this Day of Remembrance in day 10 February.
Pierardo Davini, TG3 journalist, interviewed Antonio Ballarin, Exiles’ Associations from Istria & Dalmatia - President who talks about the exodus to which almost the whole population of Italian origins living in Dalmatia and Julian March has been constricted by Yugoslavia and how important is to keep memory of victims of Foibe.

Antonio Ballarin, Exiles’ Associations from Istria & Dalmatia - President

The book "Refugees in the age of total war", 1988, M. Marrus and A. Bramwell, University of Oxford, has been written by historians, lawyers, political scientists and sociologists and based on primary research and charts society's responses to these waves of refugees.

In particular, Chapter 8 - "Refugees from the Eastern provinces of Italy after 1943" written by Daniele Moro, highlights the difficult conditions of the Eastern italy's people in relation to the exodus right before the end of the Second World War.

Click on the pictures to display all the pages of the chapter.

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January 27th 2017, The International Day of Commemoration of the Victims of the Holocaust

We follow...

World Jewish Congress  Initiative

#WeRemember from Washington DC

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United States

Johns Hopkins University

The Brookings Institution

Atlantic Council

Slow Food USA

Italian Cultural Society of Washington DC


Johns Hopkins University - SAIS Bologna

John Cabot University in Rome

American University of Rome

Slow Food 



Franklin University 

Lac - Lugano Arte e Cultura

Slow Food CH

Daniela, Silvia, Daniele, Alberto, Adam, Chiara and many others from Washington DC...


 In the weeks leading up to International Holocaust Remembrance Day on January 27, 2017, more than 200,000 people joined the World Jewish Congress Initiative #Weremember.

From Obama to Trump: What is going to change?

The Italian press meets in Washington DC

In occasion of the US Presidential Inauguration on January 20th 2017 and the Women's march on January 21st 2017, journalists and political experts met in Washington DC to discuss the future of transatlantic relations and in particular, how Trump's election will affect the US-European and US-Russian relations.
US-Italy Global Affairs Forum - Executive Director Daniele Moro - organized an informal dinner to gather together Italian esteemed journalists as Renzo Cianfanelli International Corrispondent Corriere della Sera, Antonella Ciancio - National Press Club freelance committee chair, Emiliano Bos - US correspondent Swiss Public Radio / RSI-Radiotelevisione Svizzera but also passionate professors like Vladimir Tismaneanu, professor of international politics at the University of Maryland, Daiana Lucia Voiculescu, Associate professor - New York University School of Medicine, Giovanni Faleg - Consultant at the World Bank and NASA professionals.
A wonderful group of people who shared different opinions, experiences and perspectives about the new american administration. 

Charity Dinner for Central Italy on December 14th made a hit!​​

The completely SOLD OUT “Amatriciana with Love, a future for Central Italy” fundraising dinner held December 14 was again a great success. Many influential European and American friends gathered to savor a superb Amatriciana pasta (8 kilos of it, in fact), and tons of other typical Italian specialties prepared by the organizers and the participants from the US-Italy Global Affairs Forum, The Italian Cultural Society, SAIS Johns Hopkins University, COMITES, distinguished journalists and students.
Thank you to everyone for making this event an unforgettable evening!
The purpose was to collect money for the Italian Red Cross for the recent earthquake in Amatrice. The organizers (Nina Gardner Olivieri, HOST of this event, Daniele Moro, Francesca Casazza, Maura Guida Maffia, Chiara Gastaldi), the attendees, and a few generous donors who were unable to join the fun, contributed $7,020! 

The entire amount collected is $12,370 ( the first charity dinner on September 28th [see the attachment] and the second charity dinner on December 14th).
Washington DC has shown to be one of the most supportive cities in the United States!
A special thanks goes also to the organizers, sponsors and Birra Nursia - Elisabetta Povoledo from The New York Times.
We will follow-up soon with the CRI wire transfer receipt and a surprise from the Italian Red Cross.


Thank you for your support.

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The day after the dinner, all proceeds have been sent to the Italian Red Cross 

Topics of Interest

  1. Economics&Trade
  1. Environment
  1. Salone del Mobile
    Salone del Mobile
  2. Santiago Sierra - Pac Milano
    Santiago Sierra - Pac Milano
  3. Triennale di Milano
    Triennale di Milano
Every month we organize conferences and events in collaboration with SAIS - Johns Hopkins and other Universities and Institutions in Washington DC. Our speakers are experts in international relations, economists and politicians.  
Virginia Comolli - Terrorism and International Crime  
On October 20th, at Johns Hopkins SAIS, the US-Italy Global Affairs Forum hosted Virginia Comolli, Senior Fellow for Security and Development at the  International Institute for Strategic Studies (#IISS). Virginia has already been our guest in the past. This time, while in DC, she presented the 50th edition of #strategicsurvey. She held a conversation on terrorism at the US-Italy Forum with students from SAIS Italian Society. Thank you Virginia! 
More information about the speaker can be found here: https://www.iiss.org/en/persons/virginia-s-comolli
Cottarelli & Perotti - A Conversation about Italian Public Debt
On October 26th, IMF Executive Director Carlo Cottarelli and Bocconi University professor of economics Roberto Perotti, converged together at Johns Hopkins #SAIS.  Italy’s public debt continues to threaten the financial and economic stability of the Euro zone. The panelists discussed the current state of affairs based on their unique experience as former advisors to the Italian government on the public debt. The discussion was moderated by Ivan Butina from the World Bank. Watch the video on: https://www.facebook.com/usitalyforum/

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People to people diplomacy and culture  - An alternative to an all-security Tunisia?

Six years after the Jasmine Spring, Tunisians continue to fight on multiple fronts. What is the importance of Education and Culture? Can current cultural revival efforts be sustained with dwindling resources? How can the US, the EU and others help? Our esteemed panelists shed light on possible answers.
On January 17th 2017, six years after the rise of the Arab Spring, the US-Italy Global Affairs Forum in collaboration with The Tunisian American Young Professional (TAYP) organized an interesting debate to discuss the importance of education and culture in building Tunisia future. The event took place at the prestigious Johns Hopkins University (SAIS): two-hour debate via conference with Tunis to analyze along with some of the major Italian, Tunisian and US experts a real and tangible possibility to help the young north-african democracy to develop its cultural dimension supported by Europe and the United States. A relationship that, as noted by the 'Executive Director of USITF, Daniele Moro, is becoming stronger thanks to Mediterranean cooperation between Italy and Tunisia.
Did you miss the conference?
Watch the video on our FB page:  https://www.facebook.com/usitalyforum/

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