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​​​​​​​​Alessandra Pozzi
Lives and works in Milan. She graduated in History of Art Criticism at Milan University, Faculty of Arts and Philosophy and worked as Head of Communication and Senior Press Officer at important Art Foundation and Publisher in Milan. In 2011, she opened her own communication study, Studio Pozzi_AP. 

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She is a journalist, press officer and Professor of Art Communication, department of Cultural Heritage (Milan, University). In 2014 he foundet with her sister Patrizia Pozzi, Landscape architect, ​​​​​​ MILANO GREEN POINT, Center for the culture and divulgation of contemporary landscape design. She is passionate in art, design, architecture, museums, books, music, tourism and also non-profit. She worked in Italy, Europe, Usa and Canada, but also in the Middle East, the Gulf Area, and China.​

Spring in ​​Milan (ITALY)
Waiting from Biennale Arte in Venice,
Milan is the capital of Italian culture
Several appointments: Fairs (#Miart and #Salone del Mobile) and Exhibitions (Palazzo Reale #Haringmilano, Museo del Novecento #NEWYORKNEWYORK, Pac #santiagosierra #meaculpa, Triennale di Milano #latriennale ) ecc.
Salone del Mobile


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Arsenale and Giardini, May 13th to November 26th 2017
VIVA ARTE VIVA is the title chosen by Christine Macel for the 57th International Art Exhibition
The curator has explained his project as follows: «In a world full of conflicts and jolts, in which humanism is being seriously jeopardized, art is the most precious part of the human being. It is the ideal place for reflection, individual expression, freedom and fundamental questions. It is a “yes” to life, although sometimes a “but” lies behind. More than ever, the role, the voice and the responsibility of the artist are crucial in the framework of contemporary debates.»
The Rose Art Museum at Brandeis University, in cooperation with the U.S. Department of State’s Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs, will present Mark Bradford as the representative for the United States at La Biennale di Venezia.  
The National Gallery of Canada has announced that Geoffrey Farmer will represent Canada in 2017.

​#BiennaleArte2017 #VivaArteViva

Lodi (ITALY)

OPENING April 23th 2017,   4 p.m.
The artist Giuliano Mauri died at the age of just 71 on 29th May, 2009 leaving behind several unfinished projects. A few years ago, his family decided to do their best to make at least one of his last wishes, a “Cattedrale Vegetale” for his town, a project which was immediately taken up the Municipality.
Over the years, following several changes within the city councils, not to mention the pressing need to clean and reclaim the area on which the Cathedral stands, its construction has suffered a series of unfortunate delays.  
On 20th October 2016, the wooden structure of the “Cattedrale Vegetale” designed by Giuliano Mauri, the Art-in-Nature artist died in 2009,  was completed. 
In November 2016, after the commissioning of the work safety, the sponsors and the city administration began the construction of the Cathedral getting 108 oak trees - 60 cm high, planted inside the wooden columns that make up the 5 naves.

© 2017  Archivio Giuliano Mauri | Foto di Alessandro Cappella


© 2017  Archivio Giuliano Mauri | Foto di Cristiano Guida    

 2017  Archivio Giuliano Mauri | Foto di Cristiano Guida

Bergamo (Italy)

Torrepallavicina (BG)​​
Palazzo Barbò 
Torre di Palazzo Barbò
Palazzo Botti

Morengo (BG)
Palazzo Giovanelli    

Cortenuova (BG)​​
​Palazzo Colleoni
​Romano di Lombardia | Palazzo della Ragione    ​




CHRONOS Contemporary art and his time
Exhibition curated by Angela Madesani where 46 contemporary artists interact with the ancient and tradition. It involves six municipalities near Bergamo city a few kilometers away from each other: TORRE PALLAVICINA, CORTENUOVA,  CALCIO, MORENGO, ROMANO DI LOMBARDIA, COLOGNO AL SERIO.

Calcio  (BG)
Palazzo Vezzoli 
​Cologno al Serio 
La Rocca - Sala del Cavallo

Naples (ITALY)
Santa Maria della Misericordia church


SMMAVE - Center for Contemporary Art is a cultural association located in Naples, in the church of Santa Maria della Misericordia to the Virgin, called Misericordiella.
They are carrying out cleaning, recovery and enhancement of this good to make it a place of research, teaching and artistic production. 

Sassi Foundation 


European Capital of Culture 2019 

The Foundation ''Sassi'' operates since 1990 for the promotion of the culture through the preservation of the natural, historical, artistic and architectural heritage in the neighborhoods ''Sassi'' in the city of Matera.


MILAN (ITALY) -  XXIV° Sguardi Altrove Film Festival
“Women’s Empowerment: Working to Overcome Gender Inequality”

Sguardi Altrove Film Festival | March 12-19 | Spazio Oberdan, Casa dei Diritti, Milan
The International Film Festival  is an event dedicated to cinema and artistic languages ​​to women celebrates and this year its 24th edition with a tribute to one of the great icons of Italian cinema, Liliana Cavani.  She will be awarded with the "Premio alla Carriera" on the evening of March 17 at the Spazio Oberdan. ​[Learn more]